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I started RED OVEN- Artisanal Catering in 2011 after failing to suppress an obsession.  Inspired by cooking with fire, a simple recipe, and a small margin between good and great; I embarked on pursuit of the perfect pizza Margherita to find the details. Dedicated efforts and hard work aimed at something meaningful leads to an adventurous life. 

  Mugnaini ovens are at the heart of RED OVEN events.  The ovens originated in Florence, Italy. Today they travel all over S. California providing reliable warmth and attracting audiences eagerly anticipating the next amazing creation.

The Client:

We seek clients who value the investment, respect the dedication, and count on my professional experience.


 There are but a few opportunities each day to create meaningful moments and we're looking forward to sharing with you.  

Our Commitment:

My commitment begins with quality.  Pizza did not originate as a junk food.  Our approach prioritizes eating well. I removed the "junk" from pizza.  No shortcuts. 


Ingredient inspiration originates from shopping organic farm to table. 

Investing 5 days developing highly digestible whole wheat pizza dough; In turn maximizing nutritional value and reduces autoimmune response.


Nothing beats reliability. Leveraging 12 years business experience, we'll be there for you.

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