EVENTS... Thats all we do!  We specialize in wood-fired pizza parties. Trust and experience matter. Each RED OVEN staff member is professionally trained and prepared for any size celebration!

RED OVEN calls  San Diego home but will travel long distance for the avid pizza enthusiast!

CLICK the region closest to your event and fill in the catering form.  We'll immediately respond with an estimate template for you to build your menu!

At the heart of the RED OVEN Experience is a passion for authenticity, hospitality, and Italian tradition.


We find the most pleasure in delivering an honest experience - friends and family enjoying a moment together with RED OVEN.  This inspires us to pursue perfection.  We know you will thoroughly enjoy the RED OVEN Experience!

"Love is powerful when sparked with the fire of passion.    We love Italian culture and are excited to share our passion in the art of pizza with you.   Prepared the original way in the wood oven, as it has been done in Napoli  for more than a century!"

Please let us know which area would be the most interesting for you as a start.

We conduct pizza making workshops as well!

Areas of interest
1. Shopping for ingredients/tools/wood
2. Party planning
3. Dough making/ingredient prep
4. Pizza making basics / opening dough and preparing for baking
5. OVEN management 
6. Wood oven cuisine. Using the oven for more than pizza.

If you like please email us at we'll reply with a few questions so a program can be made for you.

Chicken Saltimbocca
Mixed Appetizer Display
Pizza in Pala
Pizza in Pala
Farro Salad
Salad Bar
IMG_0946 2
Pizza Party
Roasted Potato and Speck
bruschetta presentation
Grilled Veggie Platter
grilled veggies
D.O.P Margherita
pizza portafoglio
Wood Fired Pizza crust

Taste the difference. From NON GMO whole wheat to certified organic ingredients, menus are carefully crafted by hand with flavor bursting freshness!

Nutella Cookies

Created using Belgian chocolate, Nutella, and olive oil.  Fired in the wood oven, Nutella Cookies are irresistible!


Wood fired veal and beef meatballs. RED OVEN Catering,